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Probate And Estate Administration


The death of a family member or friend presents a difficult time for everyone involved. You may have to distribute their assets through the estate administration or probate process.

I can carefully and compassionately help you through this entire process, making it as efficient and painless as possible. Probate doesn’t have to be a long, complicated and frustrating process. Working with the right lawyer can also help you minimize costs and family disagreements throughout probate.

Don’t Let Probate Overwhelm You

If your family member or friend died without a will, then they have died “intestate.” In this situation the Colorado Probate Code determines to whom the property is distributed. A surviving spouse and/or children have many statutory rights and benefits.

If your family member or friend died with an estate plan and will, then they have died “testate.” In this case, you first need to locate their documents and file them with the court. Their will appoints a personal representative to administer the estate and controls the division and distribution of their assets.

If the family member or friend had less than $66,000 in property and no real estate, then you will likely only need to complete a statutorily authorized affidavit and should therefore be able to avoid the entire formal probate process.

If the estate was worth more than $66,000 or if they owned real estate, the Colorado Probate Code requires that you administer the estate through a process called probate. Proper notices and court documents will need to be filed and the applicable court procedures must be followed.

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